ERW - Electronic reel watermark


The ERW is the electronic system we have planned and developed to tie in a certain and indissoluble way the Hemiolia Master Tape sold to their respective buyers.

How does it work?

Every Hemiolia Master Tape produced is serially numbered and accompanied by a technical sheet of paper where all data relating to the process are accurately recorded and at the same time this data is recorded in the computer database.

As soon as the purchase order of a master tape is received, the affected product is detected in the stock and transferred to the production room where an employee makes the operations provided by the ERW system.

The Master Tape is picked up by the employee and loaded in a Telefunken M15A recorder suitably modified to interface with the ERW system.

The employee identifies the processing Master Tape in the company’s computer database and he associates it with the name of its buyer.

The ERW system automatically provides to the generation of an encrypted code that contains the name of its buyer, the purchase date and the main technical data of production.

The code generated is transferred to the Master Tapes through the ERW system that uses the recorder connected to position it in a random point of the same and it mixes it with the audio signal into an inaudible frequency.

In simpler words this means that when the tape will be reproduced by any compatible apparatus; the encrypted code will be reproduced with music for a moment but it will be impossible to hear it because it is recorded outside the humanly audible spectrum.

Who can read the encrypted code?

The only way to detect and decode it is to use our owner system and therefore there is no risk for the Hemiolia customer of a possible violation of data relating to their privacy by third parties.

Why enter an encrypted code within a Hemiolia Master Tape?

First of all because every Hemiolia Master Tape is an exclusive, numbered, planned and manufactured product for it’s buyer who by this way and in conjunction with the A4P certification can recognize and claim his full and exclusive ownership and originality.

Because it’s the certification tool that offers our customer the possibility to use the lifetime warranty of the Hemiolia Master Tape  that foresees the replacement of the tape or the packaging at easy conditions in the case of wear or damage (visit the Warranty Section in the Product page)

Because it’s the tool that in the future will give to Hemiolia customers the opportunity to access a series of exclusive services to which we are working.

And finally because even if it wasn’t born for this, it represents a valid anti-piracy in the case of infringing copy of a Hemiolia Master Tape even the encrypted code would be copied with the owner data.