Claudio Valeri


Production director

Artistic production coordinator

Pietro Benini


Artistic Director

Mastering and sound engineer

Patrizia Pucciarini

Graphic projects

Andrea Polverini

Photo and video

Paulina Vogt

Image and communication

Roberta Bordone


In 2007, Hemiolia was just an idea which became reality in 2013, realizing a company animated and guided by a big passion for music, giving it a meaning that goes far beyond the economic profit.

In 2016, with the arrival of Pietro Benini in our company, Hemiolia consolidated and strengthened its bases so consistent and concrete relying on over thirty years of experience as a mastering and sound engineer, with over 600 record productions and integrating into the structure the high qualitative and great technical heritage represented by his recording studio and its equipment.

A new business vision that puts man at the core of all production process, ethically appreciating the true value of all the artists who contribute to our project, giving them back their artistic and human dignity which they deserve for the long and hard time dedicated to the study and spread of that irreplaceable “revelation”: Music.

We believe in the total quality we pursue with strong determination through procedures and work instructions written and collected in our Manual of Quality constantly updated.

We believe in the highest quality and in the power of craft product which is designed and created with passion and extreme care in every detail, even the most apparently insignificant one.

We are very demanding in the choice of performers who collaborate on our projects and in the definition of the programs to be recorded, as well as extremely strict in the choice of execution and recording environments that we consider one of the key qualitative elements to achieve our ultimate goal.

Hemiolia is led by Claudio Valeri and Pietro Benini and with the precious help of all the employees that  complete the work team , what we try to do with all our strength is not simply to produce music to listen but music to move.                                               

Hemiolia Team