Our certificated listening points


On April 2016 we have certified the first Hemiolia Point in Italy and others will follow soon in many cities of the world.

The Hemiolia Points are listening points that have obtained our certification for the direct sale of Hemiolia Master Tapes.

An Hemiolia Point certificate is a guarantee of professionalism, courtesy and availability and it provides to customers the opportunity to make plays in one or more rooms realized in accordance with our specifications, equipped with high-quality audio systems, assembled and tuned with extreme care and kept constant in their original configuration in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

In an Hemiolia Point you will always find a chair in the front row, a plant ready for listening and all our news always available in preview.

To fully enjoy this experience we advise you to book your listening session by contacting the Hemiolia Points through the references you find in this section.

If you prefer you can also use our forum for your reservations or comments where you will find a section dedicated to the Hemiolia Points and a specific board for each of them.

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