Italian company founded in 1992, now directed by Angelo Tordini assisted by his daughter Jenny and specialized in the production of high-quality cables. We have chosen one of their particular cable model for the integral wiring of the audio signals of our produciotn and listening room. Other cables and special equipment produced by Reference Laboratory are also used by us during the recording sessions.

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Excellence. Simply delivered.

International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services – with everything DHL does, we help connect people and improve their lives.


Dynamism , professionality and enthusiasm are the main characteristics of our company . GRAFOX is now a well established reality in the world of the digitaal pre-printing and printing; it can offer quality and innovative services for business demands, more and more heterogeneous and rigorous .

The young and competent team can offer a qualified support during all design and execution phases of work , making use of the latest technology that ensures the success of every solution found .

So the experience, the technological avanguard of the sector and above all the constant effort make GRAFOX as the best travel companion in the world of digital printing .

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A brand dedicated to world-class audio professionals

We are the leading manufacturer of professional and semi-professional analog audio tapes, providing superior recording and sound playback qualities. Our products are made in France and used worldwide in major recording studios, for archive and instrumentation markets.

RecordingTheMasters is a trademark of MULANN Group. On January 2015, MULANN acquired the plant and expertise of the analog audio tapes production, with almost 100 years of history in magnetic tape manufacturing.

We own the original formulas created by AGFA, BASF, EMTEC which have proved their high quality in the audio professional recording field for several decades

We are now carrying the torch of analog audio tape.


Spirit is the Italian hi-end headphones brand that provides those who love music and excellence with an extraordinarily natural and refined listening experience, with the closest dynamics to a live concert.

Born from many years of experience by Andrea Ricci, a well-respected engineer in the field, Spirit headphones radically innovate on the most advanced models already on the market, both from a technological point of view (specifically the “Twin-Pulse Isobaric System®” proprietary, in-house technology) and of the acoustic performance.

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The strong bond with the territory, Umbria, and this small town of Rasiglia where I come every day to open the carpentry shop, gave me these values:

- respect for beauty,

- the pursuit of quality,

- innovation in tradition.

My choice with Fasi Legno is to offer customers handmade design furnishing accessories with exclusive projects, quality materials, respecting the territory and the Made in Italy style.

Marco Silvestri