Our production process


We have paid particular attention to our production room where there are 14 Telefunken M15A recorders subject to maintenance weekly, monthly, and quarterly which is performed in groups of six cars alternating with as many spare units designed for the rotation service, as some operations are not executable in place but must be carried out within our laboratory.

We have provided periods of maintenance for all the other equipments too that vary from weekly up to annual, with more or less complex operations to be performed, in a perspective that constantly remains the same: to have available machines in perfect efficiency.

These are the main instruments we use in our technical laboratory for the maintenance and calibration of the equipment:

  1. Audio Precision Portable One Plus (high-precision audio analyzer)

  2. Tektronix 2247A (four-channel analog oscilloscope)

  3. HP 54502A (two-channel digital oscilloscope)

  4. Wavetek 178 (programmable waveform synthesizer)

  5. Thandar TG2001 (function generator)

  6. Racal Dana 1992 (x2) (nanosecond universal counter)

  7. HP 3478A (digital multimeter)

  8. Leader LFM-39A (wow & flutter meter)

  9. Leader LMV-186A ( AC millivoltmeter)

  1.   Audio monitor:  Yamaha MSP7 Studio

  2.   Mixer Studer 169

  3.   RME Fireface 400

  1. Leica GZ6 microscope