Hemiolia Master Tapes

The Hemiolia Master Tapes  are divided into four collections:

Prestige collection

A collection dedicated to the great historical artists that draws from archives of original tapes.

Studio Reference

In terms of control of the equipment and shooting environment,  The '' Reference Studio Master Tapes '' represent our highest technical expression and they are based on recordings made exclusively in our study in Savio, in the Province of Ravenna in Italy.

First of all to create a Studio Reference Master Tape means for us to structure a specific project involving over a long period of preparation for all our work team and the artists involved.

Every detail, even the most trivial, is thought and treated during all production phases in a meticulous way to achieve an excellent result that needs and wants to meet all the senses it may involve, or the hearing, vision and touch up to touch our deepest sphere, or the emotional one.

The purchase of a Hemiolia Studio Reference Master Tape means to come into possession of an exclusive object at the state of the art that wants to be a reference in the field it belongs.

Gold Collection

It's the leading collection of Hemiolia Master Tapes  and it collects works from recordings made mainly in natural environments.

As it happens with the Master Tapes of Studio Reference collection, each Gold edition is the result of a specific project that involves our entire structure and the selected artists.

In a title of the Gold collection you will always be sure to find an expression of musical, artistic and technical contents of excellence, whatever is the genre they belong.

Live collection

This collection is fully dedicated to live music.
Inside the rooms that host the concerts we prepare a complete set-up for analogue recording in live stereo mix. The results are Master Tapes of big emotional impact that only live shot can give, even if sometimes with its small flaws or "dirtying" inherent to the event, an impact we always try to capture in the most natural way not to alter the values.

Our life warranty formula for Hemiolia Master Tapes

We have developed a special  warranty formula for all our customers that protects them from any inadvertent corruption issue of their precious master tapes.

In case of replacement of a damaged tape unintentional damage during its use,  contact us at our email address: sales@hemioliarecords.com, providing us the name of who has made the original purchase and the number of catalog of the damaged Master.

You  will quickly receive a reply with the instructions for delivery of the tape to our address and as soon as received, after technical verification and confirmation of the support originality through our ERW (Electronic Reel Watermark) system, we  will substitute  it as soon as possible.

Everything will be done at a very affordable cost that will be communicated in the reply and it changes according to the type of the Master and the conditions of its packaging and content because our procedure also provides for the replacement of these parts in case of need.

Hemiolia Master Cassette

We have launched this new collection at the Munich High-End 2016 with the aim to offer to the numerous deck cassettes holders around the world, a series of titles in  evolution characterized by a high level of artistic content and a technical quality at the state of the art that we have never reached in serial productions with this type of analog support, all contained in a prestigious packaging and treated with extreme care.

 Without wanting to create an alternative product to Hemiolia Master Tapes on  1/4 " tape,  which will represent today and always the pinnacle of quality of our production, we have given it the pretentious title of "Hemiolia Master Cassette" by virtue of the exclusive production process and the inherent global quality that distinguishes these new products.

Visit the "Production of a Hemiolia Master Cassette" website page to discover all the technical details and know the production process that has enabled us to achieve this consistent quality results in an analog format certainly outdated, but that still today can give us many beautiful emotions to the lucky and happy owners of wonderful devices that have contributed for years to the evolution of the history of musical reproduction.

Products and equipment department of the HTL (Hemiolia Tech Line)

They are a series of products and systems that we have carefully selected for distribution or that we design and manufacture directly with our HTL - Hemiolia Tech Line brand.

With our HTL brand we  instead produce aluminum flanges for the magnetic tapes and take-up reel, along with accessories of different kind such as signal cables in standard sizes or on request, special equipments such as units of balancing and unbalancing up to transformers and current isolators .

We daily use these apparatus in our production processes and we are pleased to share them with our customers, offering them the possibility to enjoy many years of our direct experiences carried out in a professional manner, and with the certainty of offering them accessories and apparatus of guaranteed quality in order to improve their listening experience.


The Hemiolia Study in Savio has over thirty years of experience, lived firsthand by Pietro Benini, following day by day the evolution and transformation that the world of music has undergone in the last decades.

We  have the most professional analog audio recorders in all existing formats, including multi-tracks, perfectly maintained and calibrated.

With these machines and other specific equipments, we are able to restore any type of historical record, even if contained in magnetic supports in wear conditions.

Through a chain of fully analog apparatus we are able to make post-production professional operations, or mixing and mastering of musical contents, a real restoration in order to give life and beauty back to the Opera.

The last phase we can offer in this recovery chain is the professional digitization of the analog support content, very required today, to safeguard important musical archives that otherwise would run the risk to get lost.

Our products and services

Please consult the Hemiolia catalog in this section, all the titles available in our Prestige, Studio Reference, Gold, Live and Master Cassette collections.

For further information about some titles please please write us at info@hemioliarecords.com  , we will answer you as soon as possible.

Instead go directly to our on-line store for the pre-listening of songs and the purchase of the titles