One of the greatest resources and key factors of Hemiolia Records in certainly represented   by the technological equipments at its disposal and each type of analog audio systems of high standard that Claudio and Pietro have employ and collected for their personal passion for over thirty years.

A continuous search often leads them in remote and unlikely places around the world, sometimes finding themselves in front of worn equipment, reduced in poor or conditions but certain with a lot of passion, time and technical expertise they will be able to give them life back by repairing, restoring and calibrating them in their laboratory with scientific parameters.

Available to Hemiolia Records, returned today to its ancient splendor, are used daily in all phases of production, from recording music sessions until the final duplication of our products.

Even their maintenance in extremely scrupulous, every week, month, semester or year in relation to its technical assistance program.

All the great names of the companies that contributed to write the technical history of recording and audio professional production are present in our equipment list: Telefunken are some of them, just to name the most famous but the list could go on with many others perhaps less known but no less important for what they have produced.

Unfortunately, today many of these companies are mosty closed or at least absorbed as ”Trademarks Corporate” by others companies that almost always have distorted the productive and qualitative criteria, but fortunately the technical heritage they have left us in inheritance is big and represents for us a fundamental tool to achieve productions at the state of art.

Instead of bringing here a long list of acronyms and trademarks, we prefer to introduce some devices we use through the photos you will find in the section below divided into homogeneous categories. We believe that sometimes a picture is worth more than thousand words.

Our equipments