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Our headquarters are located in Italy in two different regions: Umbria and Emilia Romagna.

The headquarters located in Perugia, the Umbrian capital, was born in a extensive real estate structure divided into rooms designed specifically to satisfy the different functions.

The most important room is the one we use to manufacture our master tapes.

Inside it  we use 16 Telefunken M15A recorders in line and two Studer A80 VU as sources in our duplication chain, designed and developed in several years of work to get distribution copies indistinguishable from the master source.

To learn more please visit the ‘Equipments’ and 'Processes' sections.

A wide area of the structure has been used to realize our 'listening room', a room for the reference listening primarily intended for the artists who cooperate to our projects and need to listen again their own performances as consistently as possible to reality.

The room is acoustically treated through the use of many modules and acoustic traps designed and realized for this specific environment.

The audio system we have set up within it is based on a couple of Main Monitors that have the design signature of Eng. Bartolomeo Aloia.

There is also a large meeting room inside the structure designed to involve our customers in the 'Hemiolia life' project, a fully equipped laboratory for the maintenance of all our equipment, a store with checked temperature and humidity for the storage of our virgin and recorded tapes, a shipment area, administrative and sales offices and a fitness and relax area intended for our co-workers and the artists that cooperate with us.

Instead the recording studio is located in Savio, in the province of Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna.

It is situated in a quiet location on a surface of about 200sqm and it is worth spending a few more words to describe it.

It was entirely designed and built in 1990 by the British Society Audio Design Group, one of the most important structures in the world specialized in this field and it boasts the Abbey Road Studios in London among its references..

The work for the realization of the study which began from the foundation of the structure has engaged the work team for about two years and has been carried out with meticulous care without neglecting the smallest detail.

The principal materials used for the realization of the study have been stone and wood used by experts hands in exposed areas and large hidden cavities destined for the acoustic treatment of the premises.

The result achieved in terms of environmental acoustics was excellent so that today, after more than twenty years from its creation and more than 600 record productions made inside it, it still represents a benchmark in terms of technical and acoustic quality, as well as all the equipment contained inside it almost of all analogical.

Our headquarters