Leggi alcune recensioni dei nostri Master Tapes e quello che è stato scritto su di noi.

28 August 2020

Bringing Pavarotti back to life... 28 August 2020 | Dave Denyer



"There are moments in a music lover’s life when you know you’re in the presence of something very, very special. It may be at a live gig when the band is on fire and the crowd moves and sings together as one. It may be a chance discovery in a secondhand record store where you hold something in your hands that you never imagined you’d find anywhere, or didn’t even know existed.[...]"

31 July 2020

A quick introduction to… Hemiolia Records Posted on July 31, 2020



"I first became aware of Italian label Hemiolia Records a few years ago at the Munich High-End Show. I had a quick flick through the selection of tapes they had on display, but at the time wasn’t familiar with the artists in their catalogue. [...]"

18 Febrary 2020

Hemiolia Records Master Tapes 02-18-2020 | By Danny Kaey | Issue 107


"Hey Danny, are you familiar with Hemiolia Records?" asked Kerry St. James, YG's formidably friendly European sales director late last year. "No," I replied. "Well, you should and I'll put you in touch with them, I know you love tape and they have some really cool stuff out that I think you'll dig [...]"

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