AO AMIGO GUINGA - Gabriele Mirabassi, Roberto Taufic


Hemiolia Records | Master Tapes

Catalog no. HRJAZ18000066R

  • Tape format: 1/4" - 2 tracks
  • Recording speed: 15 ips (38 cm/sec)
  • Brand of the virgin tape: RTM - Recording the Masters
  • Tape model: SM900-premium high output studio tape

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Equalizzazione: CCIR
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Gabriele MirabassiClarinet

Roberto TauficGuitar

- Recorded November 16, 2016 in Hemiolia Studio - Savio (Ravenna) - IT

- Recording engineer: Pietro Benini

- Analog Editing and Mastering engineer: Pietro Benini


  1. Gelosamente mia voce - 3:33
  2. Nó na Garganta - 4:35
  3. Ária de opereta - 3:29
  4. Saci - 3:15
  5. Nítido e obscuro - 2:17
  6. Noturna - 4:50
  7. Igreja da Penha - 3:30
  8. Annunciazione - 4:17

(Total time: 30:16)

Technical notes:

Recording mode: Multitrack

Mixer: D&R Merlin 96/96

Recorders: Studer A80-2"-16 tracks, Studer A810 1/4"-2 tracks

Microphones: Shoeps, Neumann

The artist's voice

" This is the most beautiful record made on my work, in which , twist of fate , I don't play in any tracks. For this it's a faithful portrait of my soul, because actually I only feel a popular composer. Gabriele Mirabassi and Roberto Taufic are two great maestri who make my music more beautiful. And above everything, they are my dear friends and made me a wonderful surprise with this tribute, at this beginning of 2018 . Thank you so much for your talent."


(Carlos Althier de Souza Lemos Escobar)


" Amigo Tom que bom que você voltou Não mate de saudade quem te amou Não brinque de ficar por la Se a gente fica aqui Sem ter o que cantar [...]"

This beautiful song by Marcos Valle, "Ao amigo Tom", describes with fervent kindness the absence of the friend and Master Tom Jobim from Rio de Janeiro during his long stay in the United States..... "Do not joke, you won't stay there, if we stay here, without having something to sing ..." . I've learnt this song by Guinga's voice during our last meeting on Brazilian ground and since then I can no longer hear it without remember how much road (literally) we have done together, how long are the ten thousand kilometers that separate us and above all how much "to sing" he taught me. It's difficult to find something that looks like his music. Guinga hasbuilt a very personal language where he combines irreverence and freedom, but far from lightness and simplification, a whole universe of music he absorbed during a journey that from the post-war Carioca suburbs has brought him on stages all over the world.

Beloved of music without compromises, to use one his metaphor, he let himself "impregnate" by his musical passions and then give birth to a corpus of works that for emotional power, aesthetic balance and musical quality is unreachable. A self-taught musician, authentical son of Rio de Janeiro who represents the deep bowels and the heart of that miracle represented by the Brazilian Popular Music, Guinga seems to have literally cannibalized and then metabolized (following the lesson of his great compatriot and Master Villa Lobos), the awesome variety of music to which he approached up to become intimate. In his music there are FaurÈ and Sinatra, Debussy and the Neapolitan song, Cole Porter and the Portuguese fado, Beatles and Clifford Brown, Nico Rota and Duke Ellington and above all..Brazil. The sophisicate one of Villa Lobos and Jobim and the rough and dramatic one of the northeast hinterland, the naively crafty and excited one of Rio suburbs and the black and primordial of afro-brazilian communities. A music that is not a style or a genre but rather a psychology and an ethics, a unique and incomparable experience. Listening to Guinga is like to be on a tense walker tightrope above a sort of desperate emotional instability but firmly assured to a coherence of the musical material that permeates every little detail, able to transform drama into happyness. My friend Roberto and I, we wanted to dedicate to our friend Guinga, our friendship in a wonderful day spent in that temple of acoustic sound that is the study of Pietro, because Guinga has taught and given us so much and, despite he is far away, he is always with us with his infinite music.

Gabriele Mirabassi

My meeting with Guinga and his marvelous music happened, as for most of us, through his records and in my case with "Simples and Absurdo", the first one in his name, published in 1991. I had arrived in Italy for a year and a Brazilian musician friend told me about Guinga with so such enthusiasm that I immediately heard something about his music. And so Guinga immediately became for me nothing but the only way to go with the classical guitar, a great source of inspiration. But I soon realized that Guinga was above all a unique composer and guitar was for him the means to create one of the most beautiful chapters of "Brasileira Popular Music" of all time. It’s wonderful to know someone who makes you feel "friend" with his music! Guinga's music is so, it must be shared also as a friendship because he lives it like that, "Simplemente and Absurdamente". His music is for everybody and in his "perfect" form he arrives and transforms his listeners into a big family that laughs, cries and is touched around his melodies. Each new Guinga’s record was an immense gift for us and finally, when it first came to Italy, it was a joy for everyone. We personally met during a master class where they asked me to be the interpreter for the fans community from all over Italy. During that occasion my friendship with Guinga already seemed existing through his music. His presence, humanly “simple and absurdly genial”, only gave him concreteness, opening the road to the many concerts made together with as many trips and…big laughs! Con l’amico Gabriele, parte della stessa famiglia, abbiamo voluto dedicare la nostra amicizia ed enorme gratitudine all'Amico Guinga attraverso questo abbraccio affettuoso e grato alla sua grandissima musica, parte fondamentale del nostro stare insieme. With my friend Gabriele, part of the same family, we wanted to dedicate our friendship and enormous gratitude to our friend Guinga, through this affectionate and grateful embrace to his great music, a fundamental part of our being together.

Roberto Taufic


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